We’re different. And we like it like that.

by Sam Bloom, Product Strategist

I’ve been reading a lot of content on other agencies’ sites and have found that it’s a lot of the same. Everyone has adopted an agile methodology, everyone compares offshore vs. onshore, everyone is great at what they do. And I don’t doubt that last piece at all. There are a lot of incredible development agencies creating beautiful work.

But here’s the thing, Infuse is different.

Our developers are asked to think about the business logic behind the product, our designers asked to think like product strategists, and our product managers asked to think well beyond the initial build.

You can’t afford to invest in a team that lacks communication, that lacks expert knowledge, that lacks transparency in the work they do. You need to trust that your investment in resources outside of your company can understand the complete picture of your product goals, not just the product itself. We understand that. We’re a no-frills agency that is committed to creating the best piece of technology with you in the timeframe that you need.

We’re not boutique. We’re not fancy. We’re not afraid to say “no”. We are, however, very good at what we do, and have the work to back it up. Our largest partners have been with us for at least two years, having completed at least ten projects per partner of the span of that time. Specializing in payment processing and healthcare, we have solidified ourselves as niche leaders in those spaces. We are also one of the few agencies that have taken the extra step to become both HIPAA and PCI-compliant, ensuring that your sensitive data stays secure once the project is complete. We don’t leave much up for question — what you see is what you get.

You need a development partner that can grow with you and your ideas. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can continue to push the limits and create greatness.

Your Software Sidekick. www.infusesidekick.com